Crashaw, Richard Timeline

Year Historical Literary Author
1613 Globe theatre fire

The Globe Theatre burns down after catching fire during a performance of Henry VIII. The fire was started by a spark from a cannon which was used for sound effects.

Richard Crashaw born
1614 Globe theatre rebuilt after fire in previous year Chapman, translation of Homer's Odyssey (-1615)
1615 Cervantes's Don Quixote pt 2
1616 Lectures on the circulation of the blood by William Harvey in London Jonson's Works
Death of Cervantes
1618 Sir Walter Raleigh executed
Beginning of the Thirty Years' War (to 1648)
1620 Pilgrim Fathers to Massachussetts in the Mayflower
1621 Bacon dismissed from office
Performances of Philip Massinger's A New Way to Pay Old Debts
Thomas Middleton's Women Beware Women
1622 Performance of Middleton's The Changeling
1625 James I dies. Charles I becomes king. Charles marries Henrietta Maria of France
1626 War with France Bacon dies
1628 John Bunyan born
Laud appointed Bishop of London
Buckingham assassinated
1629 Charles I suspends Parliament and has Sir John Eliot among other leaders imprisoned
1630 Future Charles II is born
1631 Bishop Laud enforces uniformity to the Church of England John Dryden born

Crashaw at Pembroke College, Cambridge.  

1633 Laud becomes Archbishop of Canterbury Ford's 'Tis Pity She's a Whore
1634 Charles insists upon payment of Ship Money without agreement of Parliament Crashaw graduates from Cambridge
1636 Crashaw at Peterhouse, Cambridge
1637 Action to impose new Prayer Book on Scottish Church led by Charles
1638 Crashaw friends with Abraham Cowley
1640 Charles I recalls Parliament, who impeach Laud and Strafford. Strafford executed
1641 Grand Remonstrance in Parliament
Breakdown of censorship
1642 Civil War begins between Royalists and Parliamentary forces (August).
Charles leaves London and Parliament reorganises London militia.
Henrietta Maria sails to France for financial and military assistance.
Charles at Nottingham calls for volunteers to the royalist cause.
Attempt to arrest MPs.
Battle of Edgehill
1644 Battle of Marston Moor means that North of England is secured for Parliament Crashaw loses fellowship at Cambridge; escapes to France
1645 Battle of Naseby; defeat of Royalists
Prayer Book abolished and Laud executed
Crashaw becomes a Roman Catholic
1646 Charles surrenders to the Scots
Shirley's Poems

Crashaw's Steps to the Temple and Delights of the Muses published.  

1647 Charles delivered over to Parliament. Putney Debates.
Charles escapes to the Isle of Wight
Folio of Beaumont and Fletcher's Comedies and Tragedies Crashaw in Rome
1648 Herrick's Hesperides
1649 Charles I executed. Abolition of monarchy and England declared a commonwealth

Crashaw to Loretto, where he dies.  

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