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One of the Titans. Father of Zeus. (Greek name, Cronos.) The twelve Titans were gods, the first children of Uranus and Gaia. They included Oceanus, Hyperion, Rhea and Cronos. Some of their children were Titans also, namely Helios, Atlas, Prometheus and Leto. Cronos overthrew his father, Uranus, to be king of the gods. He married his sister Rhea, but, because their mother Gaia warned him his son would overthrow him, he swallowed their first five children at birth. Rhea asked their mother for help, and Gaia smuggled the sixth baby away, giving Cronos a wrapped stone to swallow instead. This baby was Zeus, and he did indeed overthrow his father, in a long war, becoming the next king of the gods. Zeus banished his Titan enemies, to Tartarus, except for Atlas. Cronos became ruler of Elysium. (Because of confusion between his name and the Greek word for time ' chronos ' Cronos is sometimes depicted as 'Father Time'.)

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