A-Z: Famous stories from the Bible: How to pray (known as 'the Lord's Prayer')


Jesus often spent time praying to God. He taught his followers how they should pray as well. He said,

'When you pray, do so in secret, so that only God and you know what you are saying. Speak to God as your Father.'

He gave them a pattern for prayer:

'Our Father who is in heaven, may your name be honoured, may your kingdom come, may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us the food we need for today. Forgive us the ways in which we have failed you, as we forgive those who have failed us. Do not lead us into temptation but deliver us from the power of the evil one.'

The story illustrates:

  • The belief that Christians can pray simply and directly to God as their Father, asking that he may be honoured and obeyed on earth and that he will provide for their own physical and spiritual needs.

Bible References

Matthew 6:5-13
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