A-Z: Famous stories from the Bible: Jesus at the home of Martha and Mary


Jesus at the home of Mary and MarthaOne day, Jesus was passing through the village of Bethany when a woman named Martha (whose brother was Lazarus, a friend of Jesus) invited him to supper in the home which she shared with her sister, Mary. Whilst Martha was preparing the meal, instead of helping her sister, Mary sat at Jesus’ feet as he taught his disciples. Martha felt that Mary should have been helping her prepare the supper for such a large number of people and was unhappy. Finally she complained to Jesus how unfair it was, asking him to tell Mary to help her. She felt sorry for herself and thought that Jesus didn’t care about her. 

Jesus understood her feelings but told her that she was too worried about the many chores she had to do and that she should calm down and learn to prioritise. Mary had realised that the time Jesus was spending in their home represented a golden opportunity to learn important truths, so mundane practical tasks needed to take second place for a while. Jesus refused to stop Mary listening and commended her for choosing the better way. 

The story illustrates:

  • That spending time with God needs to be a top priority, rather than becoming overburdened by the mundane things of life. 

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Bible References

Luke 10:38-42
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