A-Z: Famous stories from the Bible: Parable of the two builders


Image illustration of building on solid rockJesus told a parable recognising that there were two ways in which his hearers responded to his teaching, either obeying or ignoring what he said.

He likened the one who put into practice what he said, to a wise builder who constructed his house on a solid foundation of rock (which would have taken time and effort). This house withstood all the storms and bad weather that came to it because its foundations were secure.

The person who ignored Jesus’ teachings, was compared to a foolish builder who put up his house on a foundation of sand (a quicker and easier undertaking). When the storms came, the house on shaky foundations completely collapsed.

The story illustrates:

  • Jesus’ teachings are a solid foundation for life
  • Just hearing Jesus’ instructions is insufficient – they need to be put into practice
  • When tough times come, shaky foundations are exposed.

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Bible References

Matthew 7:24-27
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