A-Z: Famous stories from the Bible: Paul, his conversion


The conversion of PaulThis is one of the most dramatic stories in the Bible. Paul, previously called Saul, was brought up as a Pharisee in strict observance of the Jewish law. He regarded the new Christian movement as a dangerous sect which undermined essential tenets of Jewish belief and practice. On a mission to arrest Christians in Damascus, Paul experienced an appearance of the risen Jesus. This turned him into the greatest Christian missionary of the early church. The story is narrated three times in the Acts of the Apostles to underline its importance. For Paul, Jesus is transformed from a being Jewish criminal into the Son of God, and his Saviour and Lord. Paul founded several churches. Insights into his arduous life and thought are enshrined in his letters (epistles), which form a substantial part of the New Testament.

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Big ideas: Mission, evangelism, conversion

Bible References

Acts 9:1-22
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