A-Z: Famous stories from the Bible: Paul in Philippi


St Paul by Bartolomeo MontagnaDuring Paul’s second missionary journey, God told Paul and his companions to go to Macedonia, making them change their travel plans. They went to Philippi, an important Roman colony there. Paul, Silas and the others went down to the river on the Sabbath, to join a group of people who regularly prayed there. One of them was Lydia. She was a rich merchant, dealing in expensive purple cloth. God spoke to her as she listened carefully to Paul’s preaching and she became a Christian. She and all the people in her household were baptised. She invited Paul and his friends to stay with her while they were in the city.   

The story illustrates:

  • The mutual help and fellowship Christians can bring to each other.

Related Topics

Big Ideas: Mission, evangelism, conversion; Baptism; Christians

Bible References

Acts 16:9-15
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