A-Z: Famous stories from the Bible: The Coming of the Holy Spirit


After the Ascension, the disciples stayed in Jerusalem, as Jesus had told them to do. Mary, Jesus’ mother, his brothers and the other women who had travelled with them joined the disciples each day in prayer as they waited for Jesus’ promise to them to be fulfilled.

Suddenly one day, when they were all together, there was a loud noise in the room, like a strong wind rushing down from the sky. They all saw what seemed Pentecostto be flames which came to rest on each of them. Immediately, the Holy Spirit made them all able to speak in languages they had never learned.

At the time, there were Jews in Jerusalem from all over the world, for the Feast of Pentecost. These people were amazed to hear the disciples and the others with them praising God in their own languages! 

Later, after Peter had explained to the crowd what this event meant, many became followers of Jesus.

The story illustrates:

  • The belief that God’s Holy Spirit comes to human beings, giving them power to communicate and to praise God.

Bible References

Acts 2: 1-12
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