A-Z: Famous stories from the Bible: The burning bush: Moses' call


When he had grown up in the Egyptian court, Moses killed an Egyptian who was beating one of the Israelite slaves, then buried the body in the sand. Next day, he saw two Israelites fighting and stopped them. They asked if he was going to kill them as he had killed the Egyptian. Then he heard that Pharaoh was going to have him killed. So Moses knew he must leave Egypt. He fled into Midian, and there he married the daughter of a priest named Jethro. Back in Egypt, the ill-treated slaves begged God to help them.

Moses and the burning bushMoses was looking after Jethro’s herds one day when he saw a bush which appeared to be on fire. However, he realised that the bush itself was not being burned by the flames which engulfed it. As he approached it, he heard God saying,

‘Moses, do not come any closer. Take off your shoes because this is holy ground. I am the God of your fathers, and I have heard my people crying out for help. I am sending you to rescue them. I will lead you to a new land where my people will live safely’.

Then Moses was very afraid. He thought of as many excuses as he could to avoid going back to face Pharaoh, but God answered them all. In the end, Moses had to agree to try to do as God wanted. God promised him that he would have his help all the time, and that Moses’ own brother, Aaron, would be at his side. 

The story illustrates:

  • God calls individuals to carry out his will.

Bible References

Exodus 2:11-25, Exodus 3:1-22, Exodus 4:1-17
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