A-Z: Famous stories from the Bible: The peaceful kingdom


Through the prophet Isaiah, God uses the imagery of a vine, to tell his people that a young shoot will sprout from the old rootstock of Jesse (the father of King David), which will grow and bear fruit. This descendant of Jesse will be imbued with God’s Holy Spirit:

  • Of true wisdom and of understanding,
  • Of wise counsel and of power, 
  • Of knowledge and of fear of the Lord 

and he will delight in knowing God.

Unlike many judges, this chosen descendant will not judge others according to their outward appearance. Instead he will judge those who are in need with utter fairness and he will make decisions for the poor with complete justice. His voice will be so powerful that it will strike the earth and with his very breath he will kill evil people.

In that time, natural enemies such as wolves and lambs, leopards and goats, calves and lions will live alongside each other in harmony and lie down to sleep together, with a small child leading them. The land will be holy, with no injury and destruction. Instead, the whole earth will be filled with the knowledge of God, just as the waters cover the ocean bed.

The passage illustrates:

  • That God has chosen someone special to achieve his purposes; Christians interpret this figure as Jesus
  • That God’s future restores the earth to the innocent state it enjoyed when originally created 

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Bible References

Isaiah 11:1-9
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