A-Z: Famous stories from the Bible: The way to live (known as 'the Beatitudes')


Sermon on the MountCrowds of people came to listen to Jesus. He sat on the hillside and taught them about how God wanted them to live so that they would experience his approval and blessing. Each of the Beatitudes explains which kind of people are blessed by God and what their reward will be.

Jesus told them that:

  • God blesses those who admit their spiritual need by giving them a share in the kingdom of heaven
  • God will comfort those who grieve because of sin and suffering
  • Those who are humble will inherit the earth
  • The people who long to live in accordance with God’s wishes and to see the world become a just place will be content
  • Those who show mercy to others will receive God’s mercy themselves
  • Those who long to live in accordance with God’s wishes will see God
  • Those who work for peace will be called God’s children
  • Those who are badly treated because of their obedience to God are given a share in his kingdom
  • God blesses those who follow Jesus if people insult them, treat them cruelly and lie about them just because they are his followers. Believers should be thankful if they are treated like this, for it shows that they are living as God wants: this is how God’s prophets have always been treated.

The story illustrates:

  • The Christian belief that Jesus’ teaching turns the world’s values upside down.

Bible References

Matthew 5:1-12
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