Scene eleven

Synopsis of scene 11

Faustus entertains the Duke and Duchess of Vanholt by conjuring up grapes for the pregnant Duchess, even though it is winter in Germany. The audience is given a lesson in ‘the world is round' geography.

Commentary on scene 11

Believe … pleased me The Duke's first words are delivered as if the characters are part way through an evening of entertainment.

great-bellied Pregnant.

If it like your grace … in the east A short geographical primer or lesson for the audience. It allows the mention of the more exotic parts of the world, such as India and Saba (Sheba), to please the audience's appetite for tales of distant places.

reward this learned man This makes it clear that Faustus displays his skills for money as well as fame.

Investigating scene 11

  • What sort of life does Faustus experience as a result of the pact with Satan?
    • Think about where he spends his time
    • What kinds of people accompany him in the later scenes of the play and how do they differ from his friends and companions at the beginning?
  • Has Faustus changed his priorities from when he first decided to practise magic?
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