Chapter 50 (Volume 3, Chapter 11) (Instalment 30):

Herbert becomes my nurse / A conversation with my Nurse

Synopsis of Chapter 50 (Volume 3, Chapter 11) (Instalment 30)

Pip returns to the Temple where Herbert tends to his burns and where he is troubled by recurring dreams of the fire. Pip's recovery is vital for Magwitch's escape. Herbert brings further news of Magwitch, who has softened in his confinement and has told Herbert about the woman he briefly referred to in Ch. 41; Vol. 3, Ch. 2). She was tried for the murder of another woman, who was throttled by someone with very strong hands. On the night of the murder, she came to Magwitch and told him of her intention to kill their child, of whom Magwitch was very fond. Magwitch hid to avoid being called as a witness, and the woman was acquitted and disappeared. Magwitch believed he had lost both wife and child.

This information, together with what he has learned from Miss Havisham, convinces Pip that Magwitch is Estella's father. Compeyson has used his knowledge of the story to compel Magwitch to work with him.

Commentary on Chapter 50 (Volume 3, Chapter 11) (Instalment 30)

I doubt if he can hold out long … must be nearly over Clara's father is an overbearing and difficult man, but Herbert and Clara think of him as someone to be looked after.

Investigating Chapter 50 (Volume 3, Chapter 11) (Instalment 30)
  • Consider what evidence Pip has for deciding that Provis is Estella's father
  • Compare the account of Provis here with his behaviour when he first met Herbert


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