More on conventional teaching about Hell

More on conventional teaching about Hell: According to the Bible, those who have rejected Jesus on earth, and are guilty of evil acts of which they have not repented, will be condemned by the judgement of God to hell — a place of eternal separation from God and thus of eternal torments.

Although the Bible does not provide a detailed description of hell, Christian tradition has included the following beliefs:

  • Hell is a place of fire and suffering
  • It is conventionally located beneath the ground, in ‘the depths’ (as opposed to heaven, above humankind in ‘the heights’)
  • Hell is the abode of devils and demons — evil spirits (traditionally, angels who have rebelled against God). These devils torment souls in hell, and also tempt humans on earth
  • Hell is the home of Satan, the chief evil spirit, whose name means ‘enemy' (as he is the enemy of God and of humankind).

For further information see Big ideas > Devils.

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