Possible essay questions on The Winter's Tale

  1. In The Winter's Tale, what does Shakespeare suggest about repentance and reconciliation, and by what means?
  2. What is the importance of Shakespeare's presentation of Paulina in The Winter's Tale?
  3. How does the structure of The Winter's Tale contribute to its power?
  4. ‘Apprehend nothing but jollity'. To what extent can The Winter's Tale be categorised as a comedy?
  5. ‘Thou mett'st with things dying, I with things new born.' How relevant is this comment to the play as a whole?
  6. What do you think the sheep-shearing scene contributes to The Winter's Tale overall?
  7. ‘In The Winter's Tale Shakespeare shows that there is no compensation for the loss of youth and innocence.' Do you agree?
  8. What does Shakespeare's use of images of disease and healing contribute to The Winter's Tale?
  9. ‘Leontes' jealousy is too sudden and poorly motivated to be credible.' Do you agree?
  10. In The Winter's Tale, what ideas does Shakespeare present about parents and children, and by what means?
  11. What does Shakespeare's creation of the character Autolycus contribute to The Winter's Tale?
  12. Explore Shakespeare's presentation of ideas of Art and Nature in The Winter's Tale.
  13. What does The Winter's Tale suggest about the use and abuse of power?
  14. What is the significance of Shakespeare's presentation of Apollo and the gods in The Winter's Tale?
  15. How important is Shakespeare's depiction of the passing of time in The Winter's Tale?
  16. What impact do ideas of magic and mystery have in The Winter's Tale?
  17. How does Shakespeare treat ideas of birth and death in The Winter's Tale, and with what effect?
  18. What, in your opinion, is the significance of Shakespeare's choice of title for the play?
  19. Explore Shakespeare's treatment of different kinds of love in The Winter's Tale.
  20. In what ways does Shakespeare's presentation of Mamillius contribute to the central issues of The Winter's Tale?
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