Herbert, George Timeline

Year Historical Literary Author
1593 Theatres closed because of plague 3 April: George Herbert born at Montgomery

Acting group The Lord Chamberlain's Men re-established, of which Shakespeare is a leading member. They use the Theatre as their playhouse.

Sir Philip Sidney's Apology for Poetry published
Hooker's Of the Laws of the Ecclesiastical Polity I-IV
Nashe's The Unfortunate Traveller
1595 Sidney's An Apology for Poetry (or The Defence of Poesy)
Spenser's Amoretti
1596 Essex attacks Cadiz Spenser's Faerie Queene (IV-VI) published
Second Blackfriars Theatre opened by Burbage
Herbert's father dies
1597 New Poor Law Bacon's Essays published

The lease on The Theatre expires. James and Richard Burbage dismantle the building and move the materials to another site in order to rebuild it.

1598 Death of Philip II
1599 Earl of Essex, former favourite of Queen Elizabeth, arrested for failure to carry out her policies in Ireland
Oliver Cromwell born
The Globe Theatre built on south bank of the Thames
Edmund Spenser dies
1600 East India Company founded Shakespeare's first tragedies performed
1601 Following an attempted uprising, Earl of Essex beheaded for treason 'War of the Theatres' - Jonson, Thomas Dekker, John Marston
1603 Elizabeth dies; succeeded by James VI of Scotland, who becomes James I of England

Plague in London and theatres are closed again

Lord Chamberlain's Men become The King's Men, and frequently perform at court
1604 Hampton Court conference
1605 Gunpowder plot. Arrest and execution of Guy Fawkes Cervantes' Don Quixote pt 1

 Shakespeare's King Lear

Herbert goes to Westminster School

Cyril Tourneur The Revenger's Tragedy

1607 Appearance of Halley's comet
Founding of Jamestown, Virginia
Tourneur's The Revenger's Tragedy published
Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher's The Knight of the Burning Pestle
1608 Herbert's mother marries Sir John Danvers
1609 Herbert matriculates at Trinity College, Cambridge
1610 Galileo reports on his findings with the telescope
Galileo The Starry Messenger
Beaumont's and Fletcher's The Maid's Tragedy
1611 Authorised (or King James') Version of the Bible
Chapman, translation of Homer's lliad
1612 Death of Henry, Prince of Wales.
Prince Charles becomes heir to the throne
1613 Globe theatre fire

The Globe Theatre burns down after catching fire during a performance of Henry VIII. The fire was started by a spark from a cannon which was used for sound effects.

1614 Globe theatre rebuilt after fire in previous year Chapman, translation of Homer's Odyssey (-1615)
1615 Cervantes's Don Quixote pt 2
1616 Lectures on the circulation of the blood by William Harvey in London Jonson's Works
Death of Cervantes
Herbert made fellow of Trinity College
1618 Sir Walter Raleigh executed
Beginning of the Thirty Years' War (to 1648)

Herbert made Reader in Rhetoric at Cambridge.  

1620 Pilgrim Fathers to Massachussetts in the Mayflower Herbert Public Orator at Cambridge
1621 Bacon dismissed from office
Performances of Philip Massinger's A New Way to Pay Old Debts
Thomas Middleton's Women Beware Women
1622 Performance of Middleton's The Changeling
1624 Herbert M.P. for Montgomery
1625 James I dies. Charles I becomes king. Charles marries Henrietta Maria of France
1626 War with France Bacon dies
1627 Herbert 's mother dies. Donne preaches at the funeral
1628 John Bunyan born
Laud appointed Bishop of London
Buckingham assassinated
1629 Charles I suspends Parliament and has Sir John Eliot among other leaders imprisoned Herbert marries Jane Danvers. Herbert's older brother Edward made Lord Herbert of Cherbury
1630 Future Charles II is born Herbert made Rector of Bemerton, Wiltshire
1631 Bishop Laud enforces uniformity to the Church of England John Dryden born
1633 Laud becomes Archbishop of Canterbury Ford's 'Tis Pity She's a Whore

Herbert dies. Herbert's The Temple published.  

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