Gerard Manley Hopkins, selected poems

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Gerard Manley HopkinsThe poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins is imbued with the world view and background from which he came, which in his case was heavily influenced by the Bible and Christian thought, whilst also assuming knowledge of classical stories and culture. He wrote in the expectation that his audience would comprehend this world view.

Context of the poetry

The Origin of SpeciesAt the time of writing, in philosophy some German theologians were suggesting the Bible was no more than a collection of writings of what men thought about God. It could, therefore, be criticized. Darwin has also recently published his Origin of the Species. Read more . . .

The life of Gerard Manley Hopkins

Young Manley Hopkins Hopkins was born 28 July, 1844 at Stratford, then in Essex, now part of the East End of London. He was the eldest of eight children. His father was in marine insurance, and wrote several books on ships, but also wrote poetry and songs. His mother was also musical and fond of literature. Read more . . .

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