John Keats, selected poems

The poetry of John Keats text guide

 Read about his poems, his life, and the world he lived in. 

Context of Keats' poetry

 Keats was born into a politically turbulent Europe. Revolution had broken out in France in 1789 (six years before Keats was born) and was greeted with enthusiasm by many people in England, including the most significant of the earlier Romantic poets - Blake, Wordsworth and Coleridge.. Read more . . .

John Keats' life

 On April 15 1804, Keats father died, having been seriously injured when his horse stumbled. This had both an emotional and a financial impact on the family. Within two months Keats’ mother moved the children to her mother’s home and remarried.. Read more . . .

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Synopses, commentary, language, tone, structure, imagery, symbolism and themes in Keats' poems - Detailed analyses of John Keats' poems.

John Keats Timeline - Helpfully puts the historical and literary contexts alongside the life of John Keats so you can make sense of events.

Themes - Research the various themes within Keat's poetry, such as those of beauty, nature and romance.

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