Wilfred Owen, selected poems

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Portrait of Wilfred OwenWilfred Owen is now regarded as one of the premier English poets of the First World War and a significant poetic voice of the twentieth century. Witnessing first-hand the horrors of the Western front, his verse draws on his love of nature and profound anti-war sentiment, fused with his Christian heritage. Born out of an increasing realisation of the disconnect between the view of the war at home and the harsh and gruesome realities of the battlefield, Owen's moving body of work has profoundly impacted generations of readers.

Context of Owen's poetry

Trench warfare in World War I - the context of Owen's poetryOwen's poetry was born out of the terrible realities of the First World War which he experienced first hand. Read more . . .

Wilfred Owen's life

Wilfred Owen's grave - Attribution: Hector, Creative Commons licenceWilfred Owen's life was tragically cut short by gunfire one week before the end of the war. Read more . . .

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Synopses, commentary, structure, language, themes and imagery in Owen's poems - Detailed analyses of Wilfred Owen's poems.

Wilfred Owen Timeline - Helpfully puts the historical and literary contexts alongside the life of Wilfred Owen so you can make sense of events.

Themes and significant ideas - Research themes and significant ideas across Owen's poetry.

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