More on the events of 25th April 1917

More on the events of 25th April 1917...: Early on the morning of 14th April 1917, Owen's battalion, the 2nd Manchesters, left Savy Wood with orders to attack a trench on the west side of St. Quentin, part of the British and French armies Spring Offensive against the Hindenburg Line. In order to reach the "Start Line" for this attack, the battalion took a circuitous route involving a halt in the shade of a valley before receiving further orders to move on. Leaving the valley they reached a ridge and’ racing down the other side’ were immediately exposed to artillery fire from the Germans in St. Quentin, suffering some casualties. At 2.30 p.m. they commenced an attack on the final objective, charging up a slope only to find that the Germans had fled as they reached the trench. That evening, Owen was in the party of Manchesters which went back to Savy Wood for a rest. 

Source:- "St. Quentin 1914-1918" by McPhail & Guest. Leo Cooper. 2000. 47 Church St. Barnsley, Yorkshire. S70 2AS ISBN 0850527899.
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