Other perspectives on the First World War

Anthologies of war poetry

A selection of the work by other poets writing at the same time as Owen about the First World War:

  • Hear My Cry: edited by Carolyn Armitage 2014
        ‘Words for when there are no words to commemorate the start of WW1.’
  • Scars Upon My Heart edited by Catherine Reilly 2006
        An anthology of poetry written by women who lived and wrote through WW1
  • The Winter of the World edited by Dominic Hibberd 2007
        An anthology with a wide range of war poems. The title is taken from Owen’s poem 1914
  • Up the Line to Death edited by Brian Gardner 1964
        Poems are arranged in chronological order and under headings. There is an international range of poets represented
  • The BBC Guide to War Poetry presents a useful debate on the influence of the War poets on modern thinking


  • Goodbye to All That by Robert Graves 1929
        Graves’ own account of WW1


  • Great Britain’s Great War by Jeremy Paxman 2013
        Paxman writes about the reasons for the war and the impact it had on life in Britain
  • Somme by Lynne MacDonald 1983
        Tells the story of Owen’s war
  • The Guns of August by Barbara W. Tuchman 1962
        A clear outline of the causes of WW1
  • BBC World History: a clear outline of what happened in 1914-1918
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