In Flanders whilom was a company
Of younge folkes, that haunted folly,
As riot, hazard, stewes, and taverns;
Where as with lutes, harpes, and giterns,
They dance and play at dice both day and night,
And eat also, and drink over their might;
Through which they do the devil sacrifice
Within the devil's temple, in cursed wise,
By superfluity abominable.
Their oathes be so great and so damnable,
That it is grisly for to hear them swear.
Our blissful Lorde's body they to-tear;
Them thought the Jewes rent him not enough,
And each of them at other's sinne lough.
And right anon in come tombesteres
Fetis and small, and younge fruitesteres.
Singers with harpes, baudes, waferers,
Which be the very devil's officers,
To kindle and blow the fire of lechery,
That is annexed unto gluttony.

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