Act 5, Scene 5

Enter Francisco, Lodovico, and Hortensio

Lodo. My lord, upon my soul you shall no further;
  You have most ridiculously engag'd yourself
  To far already. For my part, I have paid
  All my debts: so, if I should chance to fall,
  My creditors fall not with me; and I vow,
  To quit all in this bold assembly,
  To the meanest follower. My lord, leave the city,
  Or I 'll forswear the murder. [Exit.

Fran. Farewell, Lodovico:
  If thou dost perish in this glorious act,
  I 'll rear unto thy memory that fame,
  Shall in the ashes keep alive thy name. [Exit.

Hort. There 's some black deed on foot. I 'll presently

  Down to the citadel, and raise some force.

  These strong court-factions, that do brook no checks,

  In the career oft break the riders' necks. [Exit.

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