Further reading on King Lear

Editions of King Lear

  • The Oxford Shakespeare (2000) ed. Stanley Wells
  • The New Cambridge Shakespeare (2nd ed. 2005) ed. Jay. L. Halio
  • The Arden Shakespeare (1997) ed. R.A. Foakes

Complete works

  • The RSC Shakespeare (2007) ed. Jonathan Bate and Eric Rasmussen
  • The Norton Shakespeare (1997) ed. Stephen Greenblatt, Walter Cohen, Jean E. Howard and Katharine Eisaman Maus
  • The Complete Pelican Shakespeare (2002) ed. Stephen Orgel and A.R. Braunmuller

Critical and reference works

  • Ackroyd, P. (2005) Shakespeare: The Biography
  • Bate, J. (2008) Soul of the Age: the Life, Mind and World of William Shakespeare
  • Crystal, B. (2013) King Lear: Before, During, After 
  • Cunningham, V. The Connell Guide to King Lear
  • Dickson, A. (2005) The Rough Guide to Shakespeare
  • Dobson, M. and Wells, S (eds) (2001) Oxford Companion to Shakespeare
  • Dunton-Downer, L. and Riding, A. (2004) Essential Shakespeare Handbook
  • Greenblatt, S. (2004) Will in the World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare
  • Hamlin, H. (2013) The Bible in Shakespeare
  • Kermode, F. (1969) Shakespeare – King Lear: A Casebook
  • Mangan, M. (1991) A Preface to Shakespeare’s Tragedies
  • Nuttall, A.D. (2007) Shakespeare the Thinker
  • Potter, L. (2012) The Life of William Shakespeare
  • Wells, S. (1994) Shakespeare: A Dramatic Life


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