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Putting Margaret Atwood and/or The Handmaid's Tale into a Google search will produce a vast amount of material. Self-evidently, Google searchers:

  • Need to use these sites with discrimination
  • Must be careful not to copy material when submitting work; examiners view plagiarism very seriously.

Atwood has her own:

Margaret Atwood publications on Amazon can be accessed at: Margaret Atwood Shop


There is a 1990 film of The Handmaid's Tale, with a screenplay by Harold Pinter, but there are some notable differences between the book and the film. In particular, whereas Atwood deliberately leaves the ending open, Nick's role unclear and Offred's fate unknown, the film shows her killing the Commander and escaping with Nick's assistance.


An opera based on The Handmaid's Tale opened in Copenhagen, then had its London premiere in 2003. As with the film, there are some alterations and additions in the opera, though the fate of Offred is left unknown.

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