Further reading

There is a huge amount published on The Pardoner's Tale. The following is a short list of works generally to be found in libraries:

  • Peter Brown, Chaucer at work: The Making of the Canterbury Tales (London and New York: Longman, 1994)
  • Peter Brown, ed., A Companion to Chaucer (Oxford: Blackwell, 2002)
  • Helen Cooper, The Canterbury Tales, 2nd ed. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1996)
  • Steve Ellis, ed., Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales (London: Longman, 1998)
  • C.W.R.D. Mosely (ed.) - Geoffrey Chaucer: The Pardoner's Tale. A critical study incorporating Chaucer's text. Penguin Masterstudies Series. (Penguin, 1987). 
  • Helen Phillips, An Introduction to the Canterbury Tales: Reading, Fiction, Context (London: Macmillan, 1999)
  • Gillian Rudd, The Complete Critical guide to Chaucer (London and New York: Routledge, 2001)
  • The Pardoner's Prologue and Tale (Selected Tales from Chaucer) Ed. A.C. Spearing. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2nd edition,1994)
  • Piero Boitani and Jill Mann (eds) - The Cambridge Chaucer Companion (Cambridge Univ Press, 1993)
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