The story of Frankenstein is well-known all over the world. Although it was the original invention of Mary Shelley, since its publication in 1819 it has been told and re-told in many different genres, including:

  • comic books
  • plays
  • radio serials
  • television programmes
  • feature films.

It is possible that you have seen, heard or read it in one or more of these versions (see Resources: Booklist). Even if you are not familiar with the story from any of these sources, you may still have heard about this tale of a scientist who creates a being out of the parts of dead bodies and brings it to life.

So, before you begin to read the novel, you might ask yourself some questions concerning your expectations of what the book will contain.

  • What is the name of the being created in the novel?
  • What is the name of his creator?
  • Where does the story take place?
  • When does the story take place?
  • How does the scientist manage to bring his creation to life?
  • Does the scientist create any other beings?
  • What happens to the scientist and his creation at the end of the novel?

Now start reading the novel and find out whether it fits your assumptions and expectations!

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