Chapter 6

Synopsis of Volume 2 Chapter 6

The creature learns more about the history of the De Lacey family. They have been exiled from France as a result of helping Safie's father, a Turkish merchant, to escape from wrongful imprisonment.

The Turk has deceived the family about allowing Felix to court Safie, and has fled to Turkey, leaving Safie to find her way to the De Laceys in their German exile.

Commentary on Volume 2 Chapter 6

The female followers of Mahomet: Mary Wollstonecraft discusses the role of women in Islam in Vindication of the Rights of Woman (see Author section: Birth, upbringing and education).

Investigating Volume 2 Chapter 6

What is the function of the de Laceys at this point in the story?


More on the function of the de Laceys:

The story of deceit and suffering inflicted on the de Laceys is an example, in family terms, of the kind of human behaviour that the creature has heard about, on an historical and national scale, in the previous chapter.

The creature can also see a personal application in the story, in that he, too, has become a kind of outcast and has no home.

The difference is that he has no idea of his origins and no family or friends to share his suffering and to support him.


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