Volume 2, Chapter 6 / 18

Synopsis of Volume 2, Chapter 6 / 18

A month after Anne's arrival in Bath, a letter arrives from Mary via the Crofts. In addition to many complaints it tells of Captain Benwick's engagement to Louisa Anne and Admiral CroftMusgrove. Anne comprehends that spending time together helped Louisa switch her affections from Wentworth to Benwick. She is overjoyed, realising that the news has implications for her own happiness.

Detained by Lady Russell, Anne finally runs into Admiral Croft a week later and they take a walk together. Admiral Croft re-tells the news of Captain Benwick's engagement, remarking that Wentworth will have to begin his search for a wife again, and thinks he should come to Bath.

Commentary on Volume 2, Chapter 6 / 18

with Admiral and Mrs. Croft's compliments This indicates to Anne that the Crofts have arrived in Bath.

They were people whom her heart turned to very naturally Admiral and Mrs. Croft fit the description from the previous chapter of the kind of people Anne is drawn to: they are frank, open and eager.

gouty Has gout: a disease which causes inflammation of the joints, particularly the big toe. Gout is thought to be the result of a diet overly rich in meat and alcohol.

Our neighbourhood cannot spare such a pleasant family Rather a contrast from her judgment of them at the end of the first half of the letter.

it was with the greatest effort that she could … preserve an air of calmness Anne always succeeds in keeping her composure, but it isn't without a struggle.

The day at Lyme … influence her health, her nerves, her courage, her character … appeared to have influenced her fate This description emphasises the all-encompassing effect of the fall on Louisa.

as large as a three shilling piece About 3.5 centimetres wide.

younker Youngster. The peace has come too soon for him because the consequent reduction in forces has limited his prospects of rising through the ranks in the navy.

It suits us … always meeting with some old friend … plenty of chat … then we get away from them all The Crofts are the perfect blend of sociability and independence.

Milsom-street Premier shopping street in Bath.

as she was not really Mrs. Croft, she must let him have his own way Only Mrs. Croft has the right to influence her husband, being also well-suited by her strength of character to steer the Admiral when necessary.

bears an excellent character Is very well thought of.

piano A slang expression meaning subdued, from the Italian musical term for ‘quietly'.

bespoke Spoken for, engaged to. 

Investigating Volume 2, Chapter 6 / 18
  • How does the tone of Mary's letter change?
    • What does her letter reveal about her temperament?
  • Anne enjoys seeing the Crofts as they go about town, knowing their relationship is a close one. Find other evidence from this chapter to demonstrate the complementary nature of their relationship.
  • Practical-minded Admiral Croft is befuddled by the unrealistic painting featuring the ship and its sailors. What is the significance of the details that the boat is rickety and the sailors are caught up in their appreciation of nature to the possible detriment of their safety?
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