Volume 1, Chapter 9

Synopsis of Volume 1, Chapter 9

Captain Wentworth enjoys his hosts' hospitality so much he decides to stay at Kellynch Hall rather than move on to Shropshire. He spends a good deal of his time at Uppercross, and gains the admiration of both the elder and younger Musgroves.

Charles Hayter (cousin to the Musgrove girls) arrives and finds, to his dismay that Henrietta's attentions have turned from him to Captain Wentworth. It is not yet clear which Musgrove sister Captain Wentworth prefers, so Charles and Mary speculate about which sister would be the better match for him and arrive at different conclusions. Not wishing to encounter Wentworth saves Anne from her nephewWentworth, Anne had already excused herself from dinner at the Musgroves'.

Surprised to find themselves alone one morning at the cottage, Anne and Frederick have an awkward encounter. This is interrupted when Anne finds herself the target of the high-spirited antics of her nephew Walter. Captain Wentworth comes to her rescue, but immediately afterwards he seems disinclined to interact with her. Anne ponders her feelings of confusion in solitude.

Commentary on Volume 1, Chapter 9

gig A light, two-wheeled carriage drawn by one horse.

in orders An ordained clergyman.

a curacy … where residence was not required Although most curates lived in the parish where they assisted, occasionally this was not necessary.

their marriages had made a material difference in their degree of consequence Mary's marriage to Charles Musgrove has given her social precedence over her sister.

solicitude Concern.

he had made not less than twenty thousand pounds by the war Captain Wentworth had made a considerable sum of money from the sales of the enemy ships he captured.

freehold property Property that the owner has full rights to use and dispose of as he wishes, as contrasted to a leasehold property, where the leaseholder's rights are limited to a fixed period of time.

the alteration could not be understood too soon Henrietta should make any change in her feelings known quickly in order to minimise the hurt to Charles Hayter.

vext Archaic spelling of vexed, meaning agitated.

Investigating Volume 1, Chapter 9
  • Notice how the Musgroves allow their daughters' relationships with Captain Wentworth to take their natural courses while Charles and Mary spend time speculating about them. What does this tell us about each couple?
  • What is the symbolic significance of Captain Wentworth rescuing Anne from the clutches of her nephew, and her subsequent ‘disordered' feelings?
  • Notice the differing viewpoints in Chapter 9.
    • What insights does Anne's viewpoint give us on her feelings about the Musgrove sisters' relationship with Captain Wentworth?
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