Part one, section 13

Wide Sargasso Sea pages 35 - 35: Recovery from the dream ... The advent of the next day

Synopsis of part one, section 13

Antoinette's dream distresses her and she wakes to be cared for by one of the nuns who tells her the dream is evil and not to think of it again. She gives Antoinette a drink of chocolate and this triggers the memory of her mother's funeral a year earlier when they drank chocolate and ate cakes. She also puts her mother into her dream.

Commentary on part one, section 13

  • The proverb referring to the devil means that some evil in life must be expected.

Investigating part one, section 13

  • Think about the disrupted time sequence here. We learn about the death of Antoinette's mother long after it happened.
    • What might this tell us about Antoinette's state of mind at this time?
  • Why is Sister Marie sad?


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