Part three, section 2

Wide Sargasso Sea page 116: Antoinette feel the cold ... and warms up

Synopsis of part three, section 2

The narration reverts back to Antoinette, now imprisoned in the attic at Thornfield Hall. We read her thoughts on her situation, on Rochester and on Grace Poole.

Commentary on part three, section 2


  • Bellows are a device for blowing air onto a fire to make it burn better.
  • Antoinette quotes Jesus' warning to his disciples to be As wise as serpents yet harmless as doves – to be alert to the dangers they will face, but not dangerous themselves (Matthew 10:16)
  • The colourless drink Antoinette notices is gin.


Investigating part three, section 2

  • Is Antoinette ‘mad'?
  • Why is she so fascinated by the fire?
  • Note down the oppositions of cold and heat in this short section


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