Part two, section 12

Wide Sargasso Sea pages 75 - 77: Antoinette is visiting ... Amélie denies speaking

Synopsis of part two, section 12

The narration reverts back to Rochester. Antoinette has left to see Christophine and he receives another letter from Daniel Cosway reminding him to visit. Rochester's state of mind is very strange. He asks to speak to Amélie. As he waits, he experiences the landscape and the situation as very familiar, as if he has entered another persona and that this is all a nightmare. Amélie gives him information about Daniel Cosway. She also intimates that there are rumours around that Sandi Cosway (the son of Annette's illegitimate half brother, Alexander) has had a relationship with Antoinette.

Commentary on part two, section 12

  • Daniel speaks as if he were preaching a West Indian sermon, which would typically be full of passion, repetition and other rhetorical flourishes.
  • Daniel claimed to be the illegitimate son of Old Cosway, and thus half brother to Alexander, the most prosperous of Cosway's illegitimate children.

Investigating part two, section 12

  • Amélie provides another perspective on Daniel Cosway and his version of events.
    • What does she say?


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