Part three, section 5

Wide Sargasso Sea pages 120 - 121: Meeting Sandi ... The ship's whistle

Synopsis of part three, section 5

Seeing the red dress recalls for Antoinette the memory of the last time she wore it, when her half-cousin Sandi Cosway came to see her. She admits that they had often met up without her husband's knowledge. Sandi offers to take her away rather than see her depart unhappily with Rochester but she declines. They part after a passionate kiss.

Commentary on part three, section 5

  • Referring to Rochester as some man indicates Antoinette's disassociation from her husband.
  • The ship Antoinette mentions is presumably the vessel that will take the Rochesters to England.

Investigating part three, section 5

  • What does Antoinette mean when she talks of a kiss associated with life and death?

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