Scene eight, version B

Enter ROBIN and DICK with a cup.

DICK. Sirrah Robin, we were best look that your devil can answer
the stealing of this same cup, for the Vintner's boy follows
us at the hard heels.

ROBIN. 'Tis no matter; let him come: an he follow us, I'll so
conjure him as he was never conjured in his life, I warrant him.
Let me see the cup.

DICK. Here 'tis.
[Gives the cup to ROBIN.]
Yonder he comes: now, Robin, now or never shew thy cunning.


VINTNER. O, are you here? I am glad I have found you. You are
a couple of fine companions: pray, where's the cup you stole
from the tavern?

ROBIN. How, how! we steal a cup! take heed what you say: we look
not like cup-stealers, I can tell you.

VINTNER. Never deny't, for I know you have it; and I'll search you.

ROBIN. Search me! ay, and spare not.
--Hold the cup, Dick [Aside to DICK, giving him the cup].--
Come, come, search me, search me.

[VINTNER searches him.]

VINTNER. Come on, sirrah, let me search you now.

DICK. Ay, ay, do, do.
--Hold the cup, Robin [Aside to ROBIN, giving him the cup].--
I fear not your searching: we scorn to steal your cups,
I can tell you.

[VINTNER searches him.]

VINTNER. Never out-face me for the matter; for, sure, the cup
is between you two.

ROBIN. Nay, there you lie; 'tis beyond us both.

VINTNER. A plague take you! I thought 'twas your knavery to take
it away: come, give it me again.

ROBIN. Ay, much! when, can you tell?--Dick, make me a circle,
and stand close at my back, and stir not for thy life.--Vintner,
you shall have your cup anon.--Say nothing, Dick.--[Reads from
a book] O per se, O; Demogorgon; Belcher, and Mephistophilis!


MEPHIST. You princely legions of infernal rule,
How am I vexed by these villains' charms!
>From Constantinople have they brought me now,
Only for pleasure of these damned slaves.

ROBIN. By lady, sir, you have had a shrewd journey of it!
will it please you to take a shoulder of mutton to supper,
and a tester in your purse, and go back again?

DICK. Ay, I pray you heartily, sir; for we called you but in jest,
I promise you.

MEPHIST. To purge the rashness of this cursed deed,
First, be thou turned to this ugly shape,
For apish deeds transformed to an ape.

ROBIN. O, brave! an ape! I pray, sir, let me have the carrying
of him about, to shew some tricks.

MEPHIST. And so thou shalt: be thou transformed to a dog, and
carry him upon thy back. Away! be gone!

ROBIN. A dog! that's excellent: let the maids look well to their
porridge-pots, for I'll into the kitchen presently.--Come, Dick,
[Exeunt ROBIN and DICK.]

MEPHIST. Now with the flames of ever-burning fire
I'll wing myself, and forthwith fly amain
Unto my Faustus, to the Great Turk's court.

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