Chorus three


     CHORUS. When Faustus had with pleasure ta'en the view
     Of rarest things, and royal courts of kings,
     He stay'd his course, and so returned home;
     Where such as bear his absence but with grief,
     I mean his friends and near'st companions,
     Did gratulate his safety with kind words,
     And in their conference of what befell,
     Touching his journey through the world and air,
     They put forth questions of astrology,
     Which Faustus answer'd with such learned skill
     As they admir'd and wonder'd at his wit.
     Now is his fame spread forth in every land:
     Amongst the rest the Emperor is one,
     Carolus the Fifth, at whose palace now
     Faustus is feasted 'mongst his noblemen.
     What there he did, in trial of his art,
     I leave untold; your eyes shall see['t] perform'd.

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