Scene nine, version B

Enter MARTINO and FREDERICK at several doors.

MARTINO. What, ho, officers, gentlemen!
Hie to the presence to attend the Emperor.--
Good Frederick, see the rooms be voided straight:
His majesty is coming to the hall;
Go back, and see the state in readiness.

FREDERICK. But where is Bruno, our elected Pope,
That on a Fury's back came post from Rome?
Will not his grace consort the Emperor?

MARTINO. O, yes; and with him comes the German conjurer,
The learned Faustus, fame of Wittenberg,
The wonder of the world for magic art;
And he intends to shew great Carolus
The race of all his stout progenitors,
And bring in presence of his majesty
The royal shapes and perfect semblances
Of Alexander and his beauteous paramour.

FREDERICK. Where is Benvolio?

MARTINO. Fast asleep, I warrant you;
He took his rouse with stoops of Rhenish wine
So kindly yesternight to Bruno's health,
That all this day the sluggard keeps his bed.

FREDERICK. See, see, his window's ope! we'll call to him.

MARTINO. What, ho! Benvolio!

Enter BENVOLIO above, at a window, in his nightcap, buttoning.

BENVOLIO. What a devil ail you two?

MARTINO. Speak softly, sir, lest the devil hear you;
For Faustus at the court is late arriv'd,
And at his heels a thousand Furies wait,
To accomplish whatsoe'er the doctor please.

BENVOLIO. What of this?

MARTINO. Come, leave thy chamber first, and thou shalt see
This conjurer perform such rare exploits,
Before the Pope and royal Emperor,
As never yet was seen in Germany.

BENVOLIO. Has not the Pope enough of conjuring yet?
He was upon the devil's back late enough:
An if he be so far in love with him,
I would he would post with him to Rome again!

FREDERICK. Speak, wilt thou come and see this sport?


MARTINO. Wilt thou stand in thy window, and see it, then?

BENVOLIO. Ay, an I fall not asleep i' the mean time.

MARTINO. The Emperor is at hand, who comes to see
What wonders by black spells may compass'd be.

BENVOLIO. Well, go you attend the Emperor. I am content, for
this once, to thrust my head out at a window; for they
say, if a man be drunk over night, the devil cannot hurt him
in the morning: if that be true, I have a charm in my head,
shall control him as well as the conjurer, I warrant you.

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