Scene nine, version B

In the B-text version, this scene begins by introducing three characters – Martino, Frederick, Benvolio (the Knight of the A-text) – who are discussing Faustus' powers. Benvolio expresses his doubts about Faustus, in preparation for the sceptical remarks he will make during Faustus' performance at court. As in the A-text, he is repaid for his scepticism with a pair of cuckold's horns. The B-text version also adds two further scenes in which Benvolio, Martino and Frederick attempt to take revenge on Faustus for this humiliation by plotting to kill him. Faustus appears in a false head which the plotters chop off and think he is dead. With the aid of Mephastophilis and other devils, Faustus torments them and places horns on all their heads. Defeated, they retreat to Benvolio's castle.

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