More on Protestant views

More on Protestant views:

Protestant attitudes became more hardened as the adherents formed and developed their own ideas and their own beliefs. They stressed, for example, that salvation could not come through good works but through faith in the grace of God. They also wished to bring individuals into a direct relationship with God, from reading the Bible for themselves in their own native language and without the necessity of a priest as intermediary.

An even more contentious issue, and one that divides Christians to this day, is the matter of transubstantiation and consubstantiation. This is the question of whether the bread and wine taken by believers during the service of Mass or Holy Communion:

  • physically turn, by a divine mystery, into the actual body and blood of Christ, as Catholics believe (transubstantiation)


  • are to be viewed as a memorial or symbol of Christ's body and blood , as Protestants believe.

For further detail, see Big ideas: Last Supper, holy communion, eucharist, mass

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