Chorus three

Synopsis of chorus 3

This is a straightforward narrative introduction by the Chorus (probably played by Wagner). It conveys the passage of time and summarises Faustus' activities and his growing fame as a learned man. As a result, he has been invited to the court of the Emperor.

Commentary on chorus 3

Carolus the fifth Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor. The (Latinised) name used here fits the metre of the verse so that the line scans. More on the Holy Roman Empire and Charles V?

Investigating chorus 3

  • Re-read all the passages spoken by the Chorus/Wagner
    • What kind of language is used here?
    • Do the words fall into a consistent semantic field?
  • What is the Chorus' attitude to Faustus' actions in each of his speeches?
  • How well do you think the Chorus prepares the audience for the scene that he introduces?
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