Scene six, version B

A per se a, t … e, the Robin pretends to be able to read and understand the text.

O thou illiterate and unlearned ostler Ironically, Robin accuses Dick of being unable to read.

thou can'st not tell ne'er a word on't' Dick makes the same accusation of Robin.

the circle The magic circle of the necromancer.

an If.

Cuckoldhorns Horns were the traditional symbol of a cuckold, a man who has been deceived by his wife.

my mistress hath done it The landlady has already cuckolded her husband by sleeping with Dick.

in good sadness Seriously or earnestly.

sack, muscadine, malmsey and whippincrust Sack is a dry Spanish white wine; muscadine was an Italian white wine from Tuscany, now known as Muscatel and largely produced in France; malmsey is a strong sweet wine from Madeira; whippincrust is the same as Hippocras (see earlier note), a spiced wine.

I am as dry as a dog The earthy speech gives the scene authenticity and the tonal contrast that is needed between one scene and the next.

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