Christina Rossetti, selected poems worksheet downloads

Worksheet downloads - Christina Rossetti, selected poems

Topical worksheets

 Christina Rossetti, selected poems: (a) Royal Princess  Investigate! A Better Resurrection
 Christina Rossetti, selected poems: (b) Goblin Market  Investigate! A Birthday
 Christina Rossetti, selected poems: (c) Maude Clare  Investigate! A Royal Princess
 Christina Rossetti, selected poems: (c)i Lord Thomas and Lady Ellinor  Investigate! At Home                           
 Christina Rossetti, selected poems: (d) Remember  Investigate! Cousin Kate
 Christina Rossetti, selected poems: (e) The Convent Threshold  Investigate! Despised and Rejected
 Christina Rossetti, selected poems: (f) Winter My Secret  Investigate! Echo
 Christina Rossetti, selected poems: (f)i Winter My Secret interpretations  Investigate! Goblin Market
 Intertextuality: The Lowest Place   Investigate! Good Friday
 Intertextuality: Despised and Rejected   Investigate! Jessie Cameron
  Investigate! L.E.L
  Investigate! Maude Clare
  Investigate! Remember
  Investigate! Shut Out
  Investigate! Song (when I am dead)
  Investigate! The Summer is Ended
  Investigate! The Convent Threshold
  Investigate! The Lowest Place
  Investigate! To Lalla
  Investigate! Twice
  Investigate! Uphill
  Investigate! Winter My Secret

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