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 Othello: (a) The final scene and its conclusion   Investigate! Othello Act 1
 Othello: (a)i Final scene elements   Investigate! Othello Act 2
 Othello: (a)ii Final scene statements   Investigate! Othello Act 3
 Othello: (b) Structure, pace and tension   Investigate! Othello Act 4
 Othello: (b)i Tragic structure   Investigate! Othello Act 5
 Othello: (c) Othello vs. Lago   
 Othello: (c)i Othello vs. Lago character statements   
 Othello: (c)ii Othello vs. Lago Venn diagram   
 Othello: (c)iii Othello vs. Lago power graph   
 Othello: (d) The role of women   
 Othello: (d)i The role of women   
 Othello: (d)ii Female character assessments   
 Othello: (e) Love, sex and relationships   
 Othello: (e)i Love, sex and relationships quotations   
 Othello: (e)ii Love, sex and relationships connections   
 Othello: (f) Prejudice and the outsider   
 Othello: (f)i Attitudes to race   
 Othello: (f)ii Attitudes to race   

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