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Worksheet downloads - King Lear

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 King Lear a): Act 1 Scene 1 - The Opening a)i Family tree Investigate: King Lear Act 1
 King Lear b): Act 3 Scene 2: Climax and Drama

b)i Drama structure
b)ii Act 3 Scene 2 image 1
b)ii Act 3 Scene 2 image 2
b)ii Act 3 Scene 2 image 3
b)ii Act 3 Scene 2 image 4
b)ii Act 3 Scene 2 image 5
b)ii Act 3 Scene 2 image 6
b)iii Act 3 Scene 2 Climax and drama focus cards

Investigate: King Lear Act 2
 King Lear c): Love and Relationships c)i Relationships in King Lear
c)ii Love and Relationships focus cards
Investigate: King Lear Act 3
 King Lear d): Seeing and blindness d)i Sayings about seeing and believing
d)ii Seeing and blindness image
Investigate: King Lear Act 4
 King Lear e): Madness, wildness and disorder e)i Madness, wildness and disorder focus cards Investigate: King Lear Act 5
 King Lear f): Ending and justice    

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