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In the Bible, 'creation' can mean both the process by which the universe was made by God and the created order which emerged. Genesis contains two accounts of God's creation of the world. In the first (Genesis 1:1-31 and Genesis 2:1-3), creation takes place over six 'days': (1) The division of light and darkness; (2) The division of the waters; (3) The creation of the dry land and plant life; (4) The creation of the sun, moon and stars; (5) The creation of sea creatures and birds; (6) The creation of animals and human beings. On the seventh day God rested. The second account (Genesis 2:4-10) focuses on the place of human beings in creation. God first creates man from the dust and breathes life into him. He then places man in the Garden of Eden. In order to provide companionship for man, animals and birds are then created and named by man. Finally, God creates woman as a partner for the man.

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