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Investigate worksheets

 Jane at Gateshead Hall   Investigate! Jane Eyre: Characterisation
 Jane Eyre: Worksheet, Social worker's observation sheet   Investigate! Jane Eyre: Imagery, metaphor and symbolism
 Jane at Lowood School   Investigate! Jane Eyre: Narrative
 Jane Eyre: Mr Rochester   Investigate! Jane Eyre: Structure
 Jane Eyre: Worksheet, Chapter 19   Investigate! Jane Eyre: Volume One
 Jane Eyre: Worksheet, Mr Rochester   Investigate! Jane Eyre: Volume Two
 Jane and the Rivers family   Investigate! Jane Eyre: Volume Three
 Jane Eyre: Mood and atmosphere   
 Jane Eyre: Worksheet, Atmosphere and setting   
 Jane Eyre: Rochester's two proposals   
 Jane Eyre: Worksheet, Rochester's first proposal - Chapter 23   
 Intertextuality: Jane Eyre chapter 26   
 Intertextuality: Jane Eyre chapter 27   
 Intertextuality: Jane Eyre chapter 38   

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