A-Z: Famous stories from the Bible: Crossing the Red Sea


The Israelites, escaping from slavery in Egypt under the leadership of Moses, camped near the Crossing the Red SeaRed Sea. Suddenly, they saw that the Egyptians were marching towards them. Pharaoh had realised that he had lost his slaves. He was at the head of his army and determined to recapture them. The Israelites panicked. They knew they did not stand a chance against the well equipped army. They blamed Moses for bringing them out of Egypt.

‘Now we shall all die,’ they said. ‘At least in Egypt we were alive, even if we were slaves.’

Moses asked God what he was to do. God said,

‘I will fight for you: all you have to do is to be still.’

The pillar of cloud, which had been guiding them, left the front of the Israelite column and moved to the rear. There, it cast darkness over the Egyptians.

When Moses reached the Red Sea, he stretched out his hand over the Sea, as God had told him to. All night, the wind blew, dividing the water so that the Israelites were then able to cross over the area on dry land. Then God told Moses to stretch out his hand again – and this time the waters flowed back and engulfed the Egyptians who were pursuing the Israelites. Then the Israelites realised how powerful God was.

The story illustrates:

  • God’s power
  • The importance of trusting in God whatever the circumstances.

Bible References

Exodus 14:1-31
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