A-Z: Famous stories from the Bible: Abraham


Abraham is an apparently wealthy and successful man who receives a mysterious call from God to leave the security of life in Haran (in the Middle East) and travel to a land which God will show him. In return, God promises he will bring blessing to the entire world through this act of obedience. Despite the great age of both Abraham and his wife Sarah, God also promises that they will have a son as proof of God's faithfulness to his promise. Abraham sets out in faith and Genesis records the many upsets and setbacks which he Sacrifice of Isaacexperiences. The most remarkable of these is God's command that he offer up his son Isaac ' by now a youth ' as a sacrifice, culminating in angelic intervention as Abraham is about to wield the knife. Abraham has met the supreme test of faith. This stirring and very human story illustrates: ' Abraham's trust in the bare promise of God ' God's faithfulness in performing that promise.

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Big ideas: Patriarchs; Journey of faith, Exodus, pilgrims, sojourners

Bible References

Genesis 12:1-5; Genesis 17:1-16; Genesis 22:1-18
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