More on Lucifer and Satan

More on Lucifer and Satan: Marlowe's audience would have been familiar with ideas about the Devil which had been formed through Bible teaching.

His names:

  • Devil, meaning ‘slanderer', a title used over a hundred times in the New Testament
  • Satan, meaning ‘adversary', a term used about fifty times in the Bible
  • Abaddon, or ‘destruction'
  • Apollyon, or ‘destroyer'
  • Beelzebub, meaning ‘Lord of the Flies'. Marlowe spells this name differently in the play
  • ‘the anointed cherub', an angel, in Ezekiel 28:14
  • Lucifer, or meaning ‘Day Star' or ‘Morning Star' or ‘an angel of light' (See 2 Corinthians 11:14)
  • The god of this age
  • The prince of the power of the air
  • The ruler of this world

His origins:

His actions:

His character:

His fate:

Christians are encouraged to resist his influence:

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