Volume 3, Chapter 11 / 37

Synopsis of Volume 3, Chapter 11 / 37

Bertha death after leaping from the roofJane hastens to Ferndean and is reunited with Rochester. He gives his version of what happened in the fire at Thornfield, in which he was part-blinded and lost a hand trying to save Bertha. They discover that their feelings for one another remain the same and Jane agrees to marry Rochester.

Commentary on Volume 3, Chapter 11 / 37

sightless Samson After Samson is betrayed by Delilah, he is blinded by the Philistines. See Judges 16:21.

lameter a cripple

a faux air of Nebuchadnezzar in the fields The exiled King Nebuchadnezzar is described as being in a wild state in Daniel 4:33.

Queen Scheherazade telling her stories to King Shahryar in The Arabian Nightsto leave my tale half-told Scheherazade, the narrator of the tales in the Arabian Nights, uses this device to retain the interest of her husband and ensure that he does not kill her as he has all his earlier wives.

If Saul could have had you for his David … harp See 1 Samuel 16:23. David was musician to King Saul and used his music to dismiss an evil spirit from the king's body.

redd A dialect word meaning tidied.

The rain is over and gone This reference comes from the Song of Songs 2:11 which is a poetic dialogue celebrating love.

Vulcan The blacksmith to the gods, who was lame but immensely strong.

valley of the shadow of death See Psalms 23:4.

I began to see and acknowledge the hand of God in my doom This admission of faith by Rochester is quite important, given the initial readership of the novel. It would have very difficult for a Victorian audience to come to the end of the book and realise that Jane has married someone whose Christianity is in doubt. This penultimate chapter therefore contains several expression of thanks to both God and Christ and the hope that from now on he will lead a purer life.

‘I kept … heart' See Luke 2:19.

Investigating Volume 3, Chapter 11 / 37
  • How would you describe the relationship between Jane and Rochester at this point in the book?
  • In what ways has it changed from their earlier relationship?
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